Kaleidoscope Campaign

December 24, 1998

Mama Tattletail can be found in the basement, having a tea party with Butternut and the blue Tattletail.

December 23, 1998

After waking up, the player will find Butternut in the kitchen, crying about his egg being stolen. Mama can be seen comforting him.

December 22, 1998 

Wake up and investigate the grinding noise coming from the basement. Pick up the flashlight (it will be on the floor in front of the basement door) and head down to where Mama first appears in the regular campaign, stopping to have Tattletail tell a knock-knock joke along the way. Mama will be found in the basement, making the grinding noise. She is wide awake and looking around. Turn her off, and her chase music begins to play, though this ultimately turns out to be a false alarm, as after heading upstairs and into the sitting room, Mama can be seen again, gifting eggs to the yellow and blue Tattletails, the blue one's egg having broken quickly. Read the letter.

December 21, 1998 

After turning off the washing machine and grabbing Tattletail, the player should head to the nearby room, where Mama can be seen congratulating Butternut and the blue Tattletail for having fixed a vase with bandages. Break the vase, which Mama completely ignores for some reason, and open the letter.

Inside the Kaleidoscope

Mama Tattletail's sole appearance in this segment is as an inactive unit (like she was on Night 3 of the regular campaign) but in the kitchen-looking area rather than the basement. However, one can find a red cassette on the lower level of the Kaleidoscope, and upon inserting it into Mama, it is revealed to be an explanation of the Waydrive, a device inside every Tattletail that makes them life-like.

December 20, 1998?

While bringing the regular Tattletail to the basement, Tattletail will start to tell a joke.

"Knock Knock!" 

Reply: "Who's there?"

Tattletail says "Orange!"

Reply: "Orange, who?"

The lights are shut down.

Then Mama jumpscares the Protagonist while saying:

"Orange you forgetting someone?!"

Leaving the Kaleidoscope

The player must escape the Kaleidoscope, while evading Mama and satisfying Tattletail's needs. If Mama kills the flashlight, instead of her usual dialogue, the lines will be about Mama loving her child so much and assuring the Protagonist that they won't escape. Mama also gets a different jumpscare in this dimension, in which she spins around incredibly rapidly and her eyes flash multiple colours. The player is safe from Mama when inside the stone corridors, though they must be careful about making noise when near the end, as Mama can teleport near the exit and ambush them. As the player leaves, Mama will beg the player not to leave her. Ignore her advice and leave.