The Kaleidoscope Update is a free update for Tattletail. It adds a second campaign, in which the Protagonist's memories of Tattletail, and the events surrounding him, have been tampered with by some outside force and they must recover them.

The Protagonist opens their present on Christmas day, which is a Tattletail. However, something is off about this Tattletail. It looks a little different, and speaks in a low robotic monotone. It also seems very interested in teaching the child an assortment of facts.

The Protagonist receives a parcel, in which is a Mysterious Notes from a mysterious person claiming to have knowledge of what happened. The player's best bet is to follow this person's advice.

As the Protagonist tries to revisit their memories via flashback, they notice even more unusual occurrences. For example, Mama Tattletail is no longer savage, and is genuinely a good mother figure to the Tattletails.

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